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Share Your Knowledge and Shape Decision-Making in Poughkeepsie

What will progress in Poughkeepsie look like to you?

Two ways to add your voice to the conversation and shape our community's new plan!

Join us for the December Open House!

Attend the second open house for PK4Keeps on December 1st and be part of the effort to create Poughkeepsie’s new comprehensive plan. Learn about the project and recent findings, talk to project representatives, and help identify community goals.

Wednesday, Dec 1st, 2021

5:00 - 7:00PM

Adriance Memorial Library, 93 Market Street, Poughkeepsie

No presentations; arrive and depart at your convenience

Take Online Survey #2!

Now through December 13th!

Participate in the second online survey to learn more about emerging priorities and to help identify community goals.

Access the survey at the link below or pick up a copy on the 1st floor of City Hall. Available in English and Spanish.

What opportunities will I have to shape PK4Keeps?

PK4Keeps will gather vital information from the public in a number of ways during the project. It will do so in a manner that goes beyond the creation of community “wish lists” by sharing data, presenting trade-offs, and getting to the root of what the community values and what it is willing to do to achieve its goals.

Engagement opportunities and tools will include:

Online Surveys

Accessible online surveys to gather broad public feedback


>> Read the summary of the July survey

Open Houses

Public open house meetings hosted by PK4Keeps’ Steering Committee members and consultants to present findings and engage participants in trade-offs and decision-making

Join us for the December Open House! Register today!


>> Read the August Open House Feedback Summary here

Kitchen Table Conversations

Small group conversations arranged by Steering Committee members at points throughout the project to pose questions and test ideas with friends, colleagues, and neighbors

Stay tuned for opportunities to share your feedback!

Information on upcoming opportunities to participate in PK4Keeps will be added to this page when it becomes available and will be distributed throughout the community by project stakeholders.

The results of project surveys and other engagement tools will be compiled in the PK4Keeps Library.

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